Susan Kingsley-Smith author, A Journey

This blog – Beyond Meds – has been a lifeline to me since I found it. For the longest time I’d thought I was the only one who had experienced “waking up” from, well, a 15 year walking coma. I’ve found the information here to be extremely validating not only of my experience with psychiatry and the numerous labels I’d been marked with but also in the process of withdrawals and residual effects from the drugs. Until I found Monica Cassani’s blog I was sure I was the only person in the world who had suffered what I’d suffered at the hand of psychiatry. I no longer feel alone and I’ve come to realize that those of us on this particular journey have much in common. Beyond Meds is not only my first resource for information relating to psychiatry, drug withdrawals and the healing path but is my first reference source as I now support others who are considering making these changes themselves. Monica Cassani and Beyond Meds – are truly a world class resource for anyone wishing to have a better understanding of their experience in the mental health system, their life experiences and of themselves as Monica continues to share the knowledge that truly is empowering.

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