Psychiatry Residents don’t volunteer information for informed consent

We can easily assume that psychiatrists in general have the same habits as the residents talked about in the article below as many of our lived experiences suggest. When we are young, desperate and naive, how many of us think to ask the pertinent questions? And then when we are thoroughly brainwashed to believe meds are the only way, how many of us really want to know the risks? If we have no alternatives, as we are led to believe, doesn't it feel safer to just not know? These "passive" doctors are taking the easy way out to our great expense. ...

15-Year Follow-Up Schizophrenia Study: NoDrugs = Better Chance at Recovery

The above title is taken from the AHRP blog's analysis on the study that I mentioned the other day in a post. I posted the abstract which no longer seems to be available at the Journal of Nervous Mental Disease's website. You can see it here at MindFreedom. Vera Sharav, the author of the AHRP... Continue Reading →

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