On hope and the belief that one can recover

Dan Fisher teaches hope by experience. He's a recovered schizophrenic and a psychiatrist. His organization the National Empowerment Center does wonderful things for "consumers." Jayme at Rayne's World writes a post partly inspired by Dan and the work they've recently done together. Yes, mental illness need not be a life sentence.

Bipolar and Neurofeedback–in children: it applies to anyone, adult or child who might get diagnosis

Siegfried Othmer responds to Papolos regarding childhood bipolar disorder. While accepting much of what Papolos describes as bipolar disorder he proposes using neurofeedback to correct what he simply calls various brain instabilitities: Bipolar Disorder is simply a shorthand descriptor for a certain kind of brain instability, and neurofeedback is fundamentally a strategy for enhancing brain... Continue Reading →

Critique of the serotonin hypothesis in depression

This is an old article about antidepressants and the scam involved in their marketing, but it is still extremely relevant. No new information for me, but it covers a lot of information I think is very important and I just want to pass it on. Just for your information when "DTCA" is referred to it... Continue Reading →

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