The new psychiatrist

I've mentioned my new psychiatrist, the orthomolecular one. While I'm quite optimistic with what orthomolecular can do, having had email correspondence with many people who have used it successfully and I too having pulled together a plan on my own that has helped matters a lot, I'm still skeptical about the doctor I've found. Finding... Continue Reading →


Update 2013. The below post is from 2007. I've since healed (functionally cured) my endometriosis: Endometriosis? Mine responded to natural care. Here I email the MD who mocked me when I refused her “care” In the process of discovering how contrary to well-being psychiatry is, I've uncovered massive amounts of dirt on all western medicine. I now... Continue Reading →

Rate your site

  Ha! In spite of feeling worthless, I've just had some fun! CL Psych turned me on to a site that rates your blog ala movies style. G, PG, PG-13, etc. I'm rated NC-17! That was no real surprise, but they missed all the "F" words I've used so in that case it makes no... Continue Reading →

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