Mania as spiritual emergency (another recovery story)

I got turned on to a really cool youtube video series from Jayme at Rayne's World. It's a man telling his story of a "mania" that he interpreted as a spiritual emergency--treated it as such and recovered. I had a very similar story at the onset, but got sucked into psychiatry which he avoided. That... Continue Reading →

Comments about Lamictal withdrawal from Furious Seasons

This remains one of the most comprehensive collections of comments about personal experience with coming off lamictal.

A Dream and feelings beyond the dream

Update and addendum: wow! I just found this post (11 years later)!! I don't remember writing it and today I was shocked at my courage to share the below. It is indeed part of the process to have all this stuff come up to be felt, seen and released. Much of this stuff has worked... Continue Reading →

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