Mania as spiritual emergency (another recovery story)

I got turned on to a really cool youtube video series from Jayme at Rayne’s World. It’s a man telling his story of a “mania” that he interpreted as a spiritual emergency–treated it as such and recovered. I had a very similar story at the onset, but got sucked into psychiatry which he avoided. That made for radically different lives. I’m only now extracting myself from the bullshit.

The only thing I want to caution you about with this video series is that he suggests people come off their meds. This may be a fine idea–but do it slowly and cautiously–you don’t have to go back into crisis like he suggests. I know of hundreds of people who withdraw safely and slowly and do not return to full-blown crisis, especially if supported with diet and nutrition.

I am, like I’ve said, experiencing a ton of emotions and the budding of spirituality, but I’m not losing it and I don’t expect to. Caution and support is what is needed.

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  1. I can identify with this story a lot. I have had similar experiences. They label you crazy & put you on psych meds that just steal the experience away from you. You are supposed to go through spiritual crisis to learn in life. You have to live & go through these experiences. True spiritual people would understand what you went though doctors don’t know a thing about spirituality.


  2. Thanks Sean, I have just listened to your videos and have been where you were three times in my life, and received the same treatment. I am fortunate in that I self medicate only when required (not often), mainly just to keep the family happy. I have just nipped my recent transcendence in the bud – well I have to appear well for Christmas! I will be in touch later, I want to know of the connection between lucid dreaming and mania (which I do during my lucid periods between manic/depressive episodes) in which I really do fly through the universe and have the most exciting times in my life, where I hear beautiful music,view beautiful landscapes and feel physical sensations that are a lot more intense than in real life – and I know I’m safe because I know I’m dreaming!

    Thanks again,



  3. Looks like Shane pulled his videos off YouTube. Or maybe the drug companies…

    Tried to play and got “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”


  4. I’m nervous and excited. I am meeting Sean, the guy in the videos, this afternoon on Skype! His story fascinates me because he walked away from the system before becoming trapped like so many of us do. Most people who walk away go on to lead lives that have nothing to do with the mental health system and we never hear from them again. Sean is coming back to make a difference. I have often wondered what my life would be like if I had walked away. It makes you think…


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