More on my brother with cancer

I was going to write this post on the plane back to California, but I'm thinking I'm going to be too exhausted and anxious to manage to write and then once in California I'm just not sure when I'll be on the computer again, though I am taking my laptop. So--just so you know--I don't... Continue Reading →

Taking a break

My life has been difficult lately. It's clear now that my problem has always been hormonal. This month I've already ovulated again. It seems like it's only been a few days. (I ovulated 3 days early to make matters worse and I had hormonal problems three days into my period--that means I had about 8... Continue Reading →

On Being Sane in Insane Places

I've heard of the study which is written about below many times now, but have never read the article about it. I put it here just as a piece of interesting sociology really. It's written in a cold and clinical tone and is in the end, in it's conclusion, much too generous to hospital staff... Continue Reading →

Mania as Spiritual Emergency: the psyche demands to be healed

  **consider all “mental illness” are variations on this theme. Not just spiritual emergence but generally a trauma response that needs to be met. And yes, trauma responses change the body too, so it’s also a real physical reality. Everything matters. We are holistic beings. And these disturbances affect all levels and layers of what it means to be human. Becoming conscious (healing) can drastically change how it’s all experienced. ...

The latest in my psychiatric drug withdrawal journey

It's been a while since I checked in. I've been barely holding my head above water. The PMS passed. There is no doubt about that. I am no longer an angry, disgruntled bitch. However while it is clear that something dark and ugly lifted, I am still plagued with a great CNS disturbance. I've stopped... Continue Reading →

Schizophrenia drug OK’d for use in adolescents

The march continues. What was once only off-label questionable use of neuroleptics in children is now legitimized by the FDA. And Risperdal's approval is not only for adolescents, but children as young as ten for bipolar disorder. This, of course, won't stop them from continuing to use it off-label for toddlers as has been the... Continue Reading →

Brought to you by Pharma?? I would think so

This site whose name in the browser includes the "word" PhRMA is worthy of discussion. It's a "Depression Calculator" for employers to figure out what percentage of their work force is depressed. Never mind they don't meet anyone in your workforce. They simply recommend screening and treatment once they magically figure how much money the... Continue Reading →

Study: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

HSP woman turned me onto a study that Mind, an organization in the UK has published. Mind has done a great amount of work in disseminating information about psychiatric drug withdrawal and continues with this important study. This is a PDF file so since I know not everyone has access to PDF files I've cut... Continue Reading →

Women’s emotional hormonal issues linked to physical and sexual abuse in childhood

Update 2016: this post was written in 2007. I now know that all systems can be impacted by trauma. Trauma is an agent of general destabilization and dysregulation in our bodies, minds and spirits. As holistic beings everything is impacted. This article doesn't surprise me at all anymore. ***I got turned on to this article (reprinted below) via Stef at Life with PMDD. This is really shocking in my mind. I know that other mental distress has a close link to childhood and adolescent trauma, but I wouldn't have guessed that severe PMS would have that same link. Unfortunately after this study in 1998 there seems to have been no more interest in this finding. Dropping the ball on studying trauma and mental distress seems to be the way it goes with that which gets labeled mental illness. (since 2007 when this was written the tide has been turning. Trauma is being recognized as significant to everyone. We live in a traumatic world)

PMS (PMDD??) for the last 16 days!!!

I've told you all on a few occasions now that in retrospect it seems I was diagnosed bipolar as a result of taking hallucinogenics while premenstrual. I get troubled when I'm premenstrual and the hallucinogens--well they made me psychotic in tandem with the hormonal stew I was in. The last two months the "PMS" lasted... Continue Reading →

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