Oddly enough I'm doing okay with the withdrawals. Today was the one month anniversary of my brothers death. My only symptom today was grief--even my PMS seems to be under control. I can't say I experienced anything that could be clearly identified with withdrawal--oh--except insomnia last night. I'm tired as all get out. The pain... Continue Reading →

A timeline for neuroleptics

Excerpted from: "The case against antipsychotic drugs: a 50-year record of doing more harm than good," by Robert Whitaker, author of Mad In America: Bad Medicine, Bad Science and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill . Published in the journal Medical Hypotheses (2004) 62, 5–13 Preclinical 1883 Phenothiazines developed as synthetic dyes. 1934 USDA... Continue Reading →

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