On children

I had this poem taped on the wall of my bedroom above my bed from about the age of 12 until I moved out of the house to go to college. It was a rebel voice for me---it spoke to me of the freedom I knew should be mine. I was always afraid my father... Continue Reading →

Brief update

Hi. I continue to feel as though most of the time I have no idea what to write about. The spirit moves me from time to time and something pops out. The spirit isn't particularly moving me today but I thought I'd let everyone know that the "step-up" in my withdrawal is going well. I... Continue Reading →


Below I share some ideas about anger and non-violence. Neither piece is written by me. I have scourging anger in my system, but I hope to be able to move into a more loving acceptance of life, reality and humanity. I don't want to hate the people who hurt me. See Sally Clay's homepage with... Continue Reading →

Another disgusting low by Big Pharma

Another (new to me--but not to the industry) unethical creepy thing that Big Pharma is doing---from Carlat Psychiatry Blog: If you haven't heard about prescription data-mining yet, here's a short course. When I was a hired gun speaker for Wyeth back in 2002, drug reps would book me speaking gigs at primary care doctor's offices.... Continue Reading →

The current psychiatric drug withdrawal episode

It's too soon to tell but I'm doing amazingly well feeling incredibly shitty. I've stepped up the withdrawal. After much deliberation and talking to so many people who have done this withdrawal thing successfully in a myriad of ways, I decided I'm prolonging the agony and it's time to move along at a faster clip.... Continue Reading →

Human and civil rights and mental illness

I read this and this today. I read this yesterday. I'm feeling rage. I actually read this sort of stuff every day. We (the psychiatrically labeled) are marked for life and people like NAMI, TAC, psychiatrists in general as well as Big Pharma will do everything in their power to keep us marked. If they... Continue Reading →

A message of love

This condolence was sent to me in a card. This beautiful man who has been my aunt's partner for 15 or 20 years wrote it to me. Surely your brother sowed a hopeful garden for many---in many places. In the twilight of his days, no greater love must have absorbed than the collective enduring embrace... Continue Reading →

Cindy’s story of recovery

Below are (somewhat edited) emails between me and a wonderful woman I've met through this blog. She has an amazing story of recovery, which she was happy to share with all of you but hesitated as she says she is still in process. I asked her, "who is not in process?" and suggested she start... Continue Reading →

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