Off to the coast of Georgia

I accidentally said we were going to South Carolina in my post the other day because we were looking both in SC and GA. Parts of the coasts of both states look similarly awesome.

We’re leaving tomorrow morning. I will be gone for five days. I was thrilled when I at first thought I would have no internet access. It turns out that the damn house has wireless, so I’m not going to take my computer. I was going to bring it so I could write if I wanted to, but I really DON’T want to go online so I just can’t take it with me because I have no control.

I need a total break. So I will be incommunicado for the entirety of my vacation. I haven’t had five internet free days in years.

Have a great week!!

2 thoughts on “Off to the coast of Georgia

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  1. Concerning your comment about you having no control on the internet…

    I have found that the internet can become my bipolar buddy, and 7 hours can pass without me even realizing it. One interesting site will lead to another…and before I know it, I have 6 windows open and never manage to get back to my original window or idea of why I got on the internet in the first place.

    For me, the internet can be a replacement for living life that involves being with people and going to real places. I can look at wonderful art sites and read all sorts of esoteric information. I have asked my husband to get me off of the internet when he sees that I’ve been on it for more than an hour or so. Well, most of the time I will fight with him, and can become really mean and nasty if I want to stay on. If I am really obsessive, I can stay on all night long and still be on the computer when my husband gets ready for work the next day. Not great for my marriage.

    I was mis-dx’d as having unipolar depression and was on SSRI’s for the past 18 yrs. I was finally dx’d with bipolar depression last year. Looking back, I know that I was bipolar sometimes and depressed a lot of the time. I have tried 4 atyical antipsychotics for bipolar depression in just the past 8 months. Each messed up my body badly, landing me in the hospital twice. The first time I lost 20 pounds and my liver functions were really high. That went away when I got off the med. Now I am working my way off Seroquel. I went from 600mg’s and am now down to 75 mg’s. I know that I am going off quickly, but my recent bloodwork showed that I had diabetes and bad anemia. Every time I had bloodwork done after bad reactions to the med’s, there was a different problem. I hope/pray that no permanent damage has been done. I was misdx’d as having unipolar depression and was on SSRI’s for the past 18 yrs. They didn’t work at all, but at least I didn’t have the extreme physical problems the bipolar med’s gave me. I look forward to being off all med’s as I will be med free for the first time in 19 years. I’m afraid, but hopeful.

    I will be going away, and will be computer free for at least 4 days. I hope that can break my addiction to it. I wonder if many bipolar people have similiar internet addictions. I once read about a program to cure one of internet addictions and I had to laugh. It was an online course!!!
    I wish each of you the very best,



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