Through the glass darkly (updated)

I bought a magazine today. The Sun---it is among other things also a spiritually oriented magazine. I bought it because I saw there was an article and interview about a woman named Miriam Greenspan whom I'd never heard of before but when I glanced at the brief excerpt I knew I would get something from... Continue Reading →


I'm going to California to meet with an orthomolecular doctor. I don't think it's the final answer, but I do hope it will get me off these drugs faster. I've spoken to him while my husband was on the phone---my husband has a good bullshit radar. I haven't had such great bullshit radar in picking... Continue Reading →

Hypoglycemia, a story

The more I learn about alternative mental health care the more I read again and again that hypoglycemia can be a major source and/or contributor of mood "disorders" I've known for many years that I am hypoglycemic. I start to get cranky, light headed and often have a general feeling of malaise when I don't... Continue Reading →

I have no idea WTF is going on

On the 20th I reported on my extreme Lamictal withdrawal reaction. I mentioned that I'd seen my neuro-psych doctor and he helped me see the obvious. My extreme distress was due to the withdrawal. We spent half an hour doing neurofeedback after that. I recovered so quickly from such an extreme state I thought that... Continue Reading →

Brief update

I did not need to take anything to take the edge of my nervous system's distress last night. If the Lamictal taper continues in this manner and I need to take out "the big gun" only once per taper that will be grand. I don't see why it should get any worse. I'm proud of... Continue Reading →

Two searches in the last two days:

1. RISPERDAL FOR TODDLERS 2. is risperdal safe for toddlers? Response to these queries: No Risperdal is not safe for toddlers. It shrinks the brains of adults. What do you think it might do to a developing brain? And while you're asking about Risperdal the same is true for Seroquel, Zyprexa, Geodon, Abilify and any... Continue Reading →

Skillful means

Last night I was so raw and crazy I didn't think I would ever go to sleep. At 4 am I decided to take the advice of two veterans of recovery who had read my blog and had recommended two things in common, among other suggestions. The two things in common they recommended was marijuana... Continue Reading →

Lamictal (lamotrigine) withdrawal from hell

This post has become a longstanding most trafficked article on this blog and it's been here since the first year this blog existed. Lamictal withdrawal is often a nightmare and there is very little official documentation of it. Please report problems to the FDA right here.

Holiday confession

Every Christmas my aunt gives us a HUGE basket full of homemade cookies and candy---really it's enough stuff for a family of six and it's just me and my husband. This is in spite of the fact that for several years now I've asked her not to. Last year I managed to give the whole... Continue Reading →

I stole this from Furious Seasons

Thanks Philip. A clip from Fox news on the dangers of antidepressants for young people. These symptoms however, less reported, are hardly unknown among adults as well. Fox has done similar smaller pieces making the same suggestions. For a news station that I otherwise can't stand they are being brave leaders with this topic. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

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