A proverb I heard today that made me feel happy

I couldn't find a source for it. It's always darkest before the dawn. As I approach the end of this journey I'm really hoping that the attraction I feel towards it is prescient.

Okay I had one of those freak days

When I feel normal today. It's freaky because muscles that literally do not work most of the time just all of a sudden work. It makes no sense. When for days on end I can only be out of bed for minutes at a time and not even sit upright, all of a sudden I... Continue Reading →

In memory of Esmin Green—take action

We The People In remembrance of Esmin Green who was murdered-by-neglect at the Kings County Hospital CenterPsychiatric Emergency Room, June 19, 2008. (video of the incident here---this happened again not long afterward in NC to a man who sat in the emergency room for 24 hours before dying in front of staff playing cards) Mission... Continue Reading →

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