The Placebo Effect

This paper is originally from Nexus Magazine. It is all over the net, so I'm assuming it's okay to use the fair use clause in copyright law and present this here for educational purposes. I found it here. I think this paper suggests we can to some extent consciously use the placebo effect to our... Continue Reading →

Alternative mental health care for children!!! God please bring it to us…

From Henry Quant was just 5 years old and bedridden with chronic fevers when he began taking pills for anxiety and depression. His mother knew that the drugs helped, but they made her nervous. "The really scary part," Elizabeth Quant said, "is we don't know what these do long term." This summer, under the... Continue Reading →

And the winner of the Most Inspirational Blog is….

Me! Here I am with my Bill and Hillary awards. Some of you asked for pictures so here you go. I had a blast at the BlogAsheville awards and met lots of really nice cool people. I'm really glad I went. I did not meet Skippy Ha Ha who owned up to being "at least... Continue Reading →

If you feel lost and alone

I posted a link to  the prayer of radical forgiveness by Rachel a while ago. I got permission to post a whole poem for today. I also just read yet another awesome piece called Enough! Do go read that too. Basically I'm wanting to take everything she writes and put it here!! Rachel Snyder is... Continue Reading →

I subject you once again to cats

I've been tired and nothing is coming across my "desk" that speaks loudly to my editorial gut, so basically, I got nothing but cats for you again...I love them, but know they move only a small number of you. Hopefully the weekend will rejuvenate me and I'll have something more interesting by the end of... Continue Reading →

What is Endometriosis…

Update: 2013. The below post is from 2007. I've since healed (functionally cured) my endometriosis: Endometriosis? Mine responded to natural care. Here I email the MD who mocked me when I refused her “care”The real disease I deal with.  I thought some of you might like to know more as most people don't know what it is.... Continue Reading →

My latest CD purchase

I took part in some random University Study about mental health bloggers. I really have no idea what they were studying but they offered a ten dollar gift certificate at Amazon. I figured what the hell and answered their pretty lame questionaire. It was pretty clear it was a badly designed study. In any case... Continue Reading →

From Withdrawal to Awakening: A continuing journey

This was first published in the ICSPP 2008 Newsletter. I think it brings good balance to my last sad piece which was distorted to some extent by my hormonal reality at the moment. I can see things from a very upbeat place at times as well. My journey is never the same and as often... Continue Reading →

I’m sick

In so many ways it's not even funny. This is going to be a rant. Because I fucking sick of being sick. I have loads and loads of faith that I will get better in time, I really do, but in the meantime I have lots of days and moments like today. I'm weak, tired,... Continue Reading →

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