Zyprexa has killed more people than Vioxx ever did

note: scroll down and there is a second article on the entire class of drugs, that are all potentially deadly. (the second article below this one is entitled  -- Worse Than Vioxx: Zyprexa, Risperdal, Clozaril, And Paxil Killed Thousands Of Americans -- all these drugs too are still in circulation actively killing and disabling more... Continue Reading →

The creation of the new DSM

From today's LA times come's an important op-ed on the creation of the next DSM written by Christopher Lane: Over the summer, a wrangle between eminent psychiatrists that had been brewing for months erupted in print. Startled readers of Psychiatric News saw the spectacle unfold in the journal's normally less-dramatic pages. The bone of contention:... Continue Reading →

Moving towards wellness

Well, I've talked about how the Klonopin (clonazepam) seems to be making me sick at this point and that theory seems to be holding up. It was also that theory that had my last doctor have me recklessly cold-turkey a couple of months ago. The thing is she wasn't all wrong. I am toxic on... Continue Reading →

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