Follow up on MindFreedom’s action alert against Ray’s involuntary ECT

I talked to Ray on the phone. He had his 33rd forced electroshock today. From MindFreedom by David W. Oaks — last modified 2008-11-13 10:40 Today is Wednesday. And that means Ray had another of his weekly involuntary outpatient electroshocks. I talked to him, and also talked to the Governor's office. "My 33rd electroshock today."... Continue Reading →

Psych meds linked to numerous deaths amongst veterans

I'm not up to commenting on this right now but here's the article from the Washington Times. Oh, watch the video. The father feels like Seroquel is the common denominator. But they are also on antidepressants and benzo's it sounds like. Please feel free to comment and I may join in later.

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