Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy very effective for depression

I'm a big believer in meditation to treat any psychiatric disturbance and have a couple of recovery stories of people who just used meditation in order to heal from deeply entrenched mental illness. See Jane's story here and read Sally's here. These are two stories of complete recovery through discipline and will using meditation. Most... Continue Reading →

Treat the parents, not the kids

From US News and World report on current treatment trends in Britain. How exciting, hopefully it will catch on here. This concept can hold true for any "behavioral problem" or "mental illness" in general. Though included should be training the parents to eat well  and having children stay away from things like food dye and... Continue Reading →

Benzos again—this time in the US media

I know and am friends with two of the people in this article. ABC news seems to be following the Guardians lead. Tranquilizer Detox Withdrawal Can Last Years FDA, Patients Say Quitting 'Benzos' Abruptly Can Lead to Horrific Side Effects The positive effects of benzos are widely discussed in blogs, and in the media. But... Continue Reading →

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