“On the media” on the DSM

An 18 minute audio piece that was played on NPR stations. One important issue that was raised was the idea of diagnosis spreading wider and wider into the population once a diagnosis is made. We've seen that happen with bipolar disorder which now has expanded to anyone with even mild mood swings. The "bipolar spectrum"... Continue Reading →

More BS on the DSM

DSM psychiatry manual's secrecy criticized The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is being revised under a cloak of confidentiality. Critics say the process needs to be open, and cite potential conflicts of interest. By Ron Grossman LA Times Whether revisions to the bible of mental illness should be carried out in secret might... Continue Reading →

New surgeon general should back alternative medicine

Opinion piece in the Buffalo News. (From 11/29/08) Obama take heed. Over-drugging is happening in every specialty. Yesterday I spoke with my aunt who told me a friend of hers is on statins with his natural cholesterol being 130! The doc calls this preventative medicine. This is out and out malpractice. It is possible to... Continue Reading →

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