Healing depression and bipolar without drugs

Below is a link to an interview with a Gracelyn Guyol author of Healing Depression and Bipolar Without Drugs on Madness Radio with Will Hall. A very good primer on some of the possible causes of what get labeled as bipolar disorder and depression and how this woman learned to take care of herself through... Continue Reading →

Strattera causes psychosis, hallucinations, mania and agitation—warnings issued

Stattera is a SNRI, like Effexor and Cymbalta. And we already know that SSRIs can cause all the above adverse reactions. I hope this will continue to make people think twice about smacking the bipolar label on kids when what's really going on is a serious drug reaction. Official warnings issued: The ADHD drug Strattera... Continue Reading →

World AIDS day Dec 1 2008 — The world comes together

Stop AIDS. Keep the promise. In memory of my dear friends and clients. Let's end the pandemic. Note: the link that "dear friends" takes you to is a post I wrote in memory of one of my close childhood friends who was the first person I knew who died of AIDS. His life and death... Continue Reading →

James Gordon—meditation and movement

I found both these little videos by James Gordon to be very good for people who are just learning about meditation and movement. The first video on meditation is not the one that was in his class. Or at least it's just part of it. What I was most impressed with was how he said... Continue Reading →

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