Real freedom

Freedom means being able to choose how we respond to things. When wisdom is not well developed, it can be easily obscured by the provocations of others. In such cases we may as well be animals or robots. If there is no space between an insulting stimulus and its immediate conditioned response—anger—then we are in... Continue Reading →

Jim Gottstein defense fund

There is a cause on facebook dedicated to raising funds for Jim Gottstein now. Please join and donate it if you are part of facebook and spread the news around. Jim risked his financial security for all of us about three years ago. He is still paying for that and in fact still incurring debt.... Continue Reading →

Why We Need Alternatives to psychiatry – INTAR 2009 Conference w/Will Hall

Hi everyone, it's been my honor over the past couple of years to be a friend and collaborator with Gianna Kali, whose work I admire greatly. Like all of us who know Gianna, I'm inspired by her passion, intelligence, and clarity as a writer, while at the same time concerned about her health and ongoing... Continue Reading →

How to reduce deaths associated with neuroleptics (anti-psychotic) medications

By Ron Unger At least here and there, mental health authorities are recognizing that it is a problem that people in the public mental health system are dying 25 years earlier than the average person, and they are starting to talk about it. (For more information on these death rates, see this power point presentation)... Continue Reading →

Neuroleptics (antipsychotics) go mainstream and for every ill

Sneaky marketing of dangerous neuroleptic drugs for issues that are less and less serious. The use of these drugs for such matters is nothing new, but the approval of them by the FDA and now the mass marketing IS new. Be aware. From the Washington Post: American doctors wrote more than 164 million prescriptions for... Continue Reading →

Quotes for the week

"The easy confidence with which I know another man's religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also." - Mark Twain It's all really very simple. You don't have to choose between being kind to yourself and others. It's one and the same. ~ Piero Ferrucci "We are drowning in information, yet... Continue Reading →

Psychosurgery Promoted by the NYT — by Vera Sharav

I got Vera Sharav's email today on this topic and asked if I could reprint it. It appears below. ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION A Catalyst for Public Debate: Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability True to an ignoble tradition of lending its "authoritative" front page to promote psychiatry's most radical experimental approaches to dealing... Continue Reading →

Buy nothing day, Nov. 27th here in the USA

Now in its 18th year, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every November by environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in over 65 countries around the world. Over the years, Buy Nothing Day (followed by Buy Nothing Christmas) has exploded into a global movement, inspiring the world’s citizens to live more simply and buy a whole... Continue Reading →

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