Jim Gottstein defense fund

There is a cause on facebook dedicated to raising funds for Jim Gottstein now. Please join and donate it if you are part of facebook and spread the news around.

Jim risked his financial security for all of us about three years ago. He is still paying for that and in fact still incurring debt.

From his last email about the success of PsychRights Jim mentions his financial situation at the end of the newsletter. If you prefer to donate through the mail the address is below at the end of this email.

Lilly v. Gottstein (Zyprexa Papers)

You might recall that in December of 2006 I subpoenaed documents that had been kept secret in the litigation over Zyprexa causing diabetes and other metabolic problems and released them to various people, including New York Times reporter Alex Berenson when Lilly failed to object in time.  This resulted in a number of front page New York Times articles and reportedly caused the federal investigation into Lilly’s illegal off-label promotion of Zyprexa to “gain momentum,” which ultimately led to Lilly pleading guilty and paying $1.4 Billion in civil and criminal penalties earlier this year.  Even though Lilly screwed up by letting me get the documents, it spent millions of dollars in attorney’s fees to go to the federal court in Brooklyn and get the judge to find I had “conspired” to “steal” them.

This set me up for Lilly to threaten civil and criminal contempt sanctions and to go after my license to practice law.  However, because I believe I did nothing improper, I appealed this ruling and after numerous delays, briefing is just about complete.  I wouldn’t expect a ruling until late next year at the earliest. My legal fees in defending against Lilly’s legal onslaught have so far been just under $300,000, including estimated unbilled fees, of which I still owe over $121,000. Of the $177,000 paid to date, some $42,000 has been paid through generous donations to the legal defense fund the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) set up. If you would like to make a donation to my legal defense fund it can be done at:

Jim Gottstein Legal Defense Fund
c/o Dominick Riccio, Ph.D.
1036 Park Avenue, Suite 1B
New York, NY 10028

Any such donations will be greatly appreciated.

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