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  • ‘Mental illness gene’ discovered by Scots scientists I hate this sort of research, not because it’s 100% baseless, while there may be a very loose link to genes and mental health that is worth researching this sort of reporting of the results encourages the belief that one cannot change and that mental illness is forever when in fact the theory of neuroplasticity suggests the opposite. Genes and DNA both are not always deterministic. This sort of stuff shouldn’t be reported unless all the implications are covered. People need to know that DNA and genes are not always deterministic…and there is a huge move to deny people that knowledge. And this partial knowledge leads to the belief that one cannot heal and that one must take meds for the rest of their lives. Both conclusions I’ve seen disproven again and again.
  • Wonder drug that stole my memory —  Statins have been hailed as a miracle cure for cholesterol, but little is known about their side effects. Also in most cases diet and exercise can change cholesterol enough. What’s more what is considered “high” cholesterol is overblown. There are some instances in which genetics do play and part and it really is a dangerous situation, but in most instances it’s hype that has been created by pharma. One need not take dangerous meds in most cases. Educate yourself before making any decisions.
  • Pill-popping approach to female libido | Christine Ottery | Comment is free | — Someone talking sense about the female VIAGRA crap. From the article: “However, some are concerned that FSD has been fabricated to monetise women’s sexual insecurities. An article in the journal Sexualities posits that the pharmaceutical industry was looking to replicate the £1bn success of Viagra and so introduced the concept of female sexual dysfunction.”

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