Top ten posts on Beyond Meds for 2010

I'm happy to see that several of the top posts this year are tab posts...meaning that this blog is being used as the resource it's become. All of these posts have had at least 3,000 hits up to over 15,000 (for this year only) So the top ten posts are these: Creativity: A Crime Of... Continue Reading →

Jupiter sings

For more space sounds NASA has an album! The wonders of the universe. This is perfect to meditate to. Seriously. It's calming and lovely.

Our culture and society has completely destroyed the conditions required for healthy childhood development

Amy Goodman interviews Dr. Gabor Maté: From disease to addiction, parenting to attention deficit disorder, Canadian physician and bestselling author Gabor Maté’s work focuses on the centrality of early childhood experiences to the development of the brain, and how those experiences can impact everything from behavioral patterns to physical and mental illness. While the relationship... Continue Reading →

Those who don’t feel this love pulling them like a river…

Those who don’t feel this love pulling them like a river, those who don’t drink dawn like a cup of spring water or take in sunset like supper, those who don’t want to change, let them sleep. This love is beyond the study of theology, that old trickery and hypocrisy. If you want to improve... Continue Reading →

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