Sleep, insomnia and iatrogenic injury – an update

The underlying issue is autonomic destabilization, which can be caused by any psych drug. They all act on the CNS, no matter what their micro-action. The neurotransmitters involved are almost irrelevant except, I believe, when they’re GABA. I’m no benzo expert but I suspect benzo withdrawal causes a different kind of autonomic destabilization because the GABA system lacks the redundancy of the others and when GABA is knocked out, recovery paths are more limited. (My suspicion is that simultaneous withdrawal from benzos and other psych drugs might be the worst.)

Slow mood manifesto…

We are taking it slow. Slowly learning to feel our inner states. Slowly developing the cognitive tools needed to make healthy decisions for ourselves, our communities, and our world. Slowly learning to expand our emotions and connect with other people as people, not functions. These things can’t be given to us instantly. We have to build these things for ourselves, over time. We do not fear our own thoughts or moods. We feel them out. We examine them, without guilt. We ask ourselves where they come from, why they are within us. We find friends who are good listeners, and we share.

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