Has Psychiatry Been Corrupted Beyond Repair?

We need to face facts: Psychiatric research has become corrupted, not around the margins, but at its core. The scientific evidence that underlies psychiatrists' day-to-day prescription decisions is really marketing propaganda packaged as science. As a result, we can no longer trust psychiatrists' judgments and recommendations.

Concern for the happiness and welfare of all humanity

If we think about the vast majority of human problems, both on a personal and on a worldwide scale, it seems that they stem from an inability to feel sincerely involved with others, and to put ourselves in their place. Violence is inconceivable if everyone is genuinely concerned with the happiness of others. – Matthieu Ricard... Continue Reading →

The horse boy (beautiful healing journey a family takes together)

One of the most beautiful and touching films I've seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYkT_GndKtE It's about a family with a child who has a diagnosis of autism and the incredible healing journey they take together. How far would you travel to heal someone you love? An intensely personal yet epic spiritual journey, The Horse Boy follows one Texas... Continue Reading →

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