disenchanted, disillusioned, and dispassionate

Sometimes people feel that recognizing the truth of suffering conditions a pessimistic outlook on life, that somehow it is life-denying. Actually, it is quite the reverse. By denying what is true, for example, the truth of impermanence, we live in a world of illusion and enchantment. Then when circumstances change in ways we don’t like, we feel disappointed, angry, or bitter. The Buddha expressed the liberating power of seeing the unreliability of conditions. “All that is subject to arising is subject to cessation. Becoming disenchanted one becomes dispassionate. Through dispassion the mind is liberated.

A brief note to my readers…

*this remains in effect as I continue to heal. It's a long process and I'm still largely homebound and need a lot of rest. For an update on what it's like see: This is what it's like  9/2012 This post was updated and edited in April of 2013 If you’re unfamiliar with my history you can... Continue Reading →

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