Cat yoga

I meditate with my cat regularly as I shared in my tool box post yesterday: If you’re a cat lover, I found a nice way to meditate when in a lot of pain is to hold my cat to my chest and meditate to her purring and/or her breathing. It’s very soothing. The purring and... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on stopping psychiatric medications

Anyway, the fact is, even though we now know these drugs are toxic and dangerous it's not always a black and white situation when it comes to discontinuation. It's a very complicated and difficult scenario quite often. It gets very complicated once people have been on psychiatric drugs for a long time. And to make matters worse there is NO WHERE safe to get help if one would like to make the transition. The fact is even the doctors who know the drugs are dangerous are mostly at a loss to help those of us who've become iatrogenically ill in any meaningful way.

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