Tonight in Asheville: Dan Fisher MD at a community event will share his personal story

Dan Fisher, MD, PhD, is the executive director of the federally funded National Empowerment Center in Massachusetts and helped lead the White House’s first Commission on Mental Health. He is an advisor for the White House’s National Dialogues on Mental Health initiative. Diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized several times as a young man, Dr. Fisher is one of the few psychiatrists in the country who speaks openly about his recovery from a severe mental illness diagnosis. He travels the world extensively conducting public health workshops, community dialogues, and mental health recovery conferences... [click on title to read more]

Our addiction to stuff is killing us. We need to own our inner addicts. All of us.

I've often talked about how addiction plagues all of us in some form or another whether or not we exhibit the overtly self-destructive habits of some of the folks who actually get labeled as addicts. Of course the tamer versions that affect the masses are also very destructive. We all destroy the environment and our own spiritual inheritance with our voracious appetites for more...always more. ... [click on title to read more]

Down the rabbit hole: examining the fractured mind on film

What is considered an illness is not an illness in my opinion, rather it’s the consciousness of the individual adjusting itself, rearranging itself. The stories here are not about any specific schizophrenic experience, but an examination of awarenesses that may have become activated by the condition of so-called schizophrenia (SZ), as in the case of myself who lived with the symptoms of SZ for 46 years, then experienced a complete remission. My goal is to bridge the gap between what’s considered normal and what’s considered crazy. There exists a continuum between the consciousness that’s experiencing disruptions creating behavior that seems crazy and the consciousness that’s stable or what’s considered normal. I want people to consider this continuum that may exist for them. [click on title to read more]

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