Subpersonalities – who is driving our bus? (parts)

Acceptance of all our parts can lead to integration and what Jung would call individuation. First we need to become aware. Do click through and read the article…it’s nice and simple while remaining highly informative.

Patrick McCurry

Many of us see ourselves as coherent, unified individuals making our way through life.

But, when we really think about it, we may recognise that actually we are made up of many different parts that come into play in particular situations and which sometimes seem to take over our normal personalities. We may sometimes wonder who is really in charge, or ‘driving our bus’.4055369011_500bb75fc1

These ‘subpersonalities’ can play a very important role in our lives without us realising. But the more aware we can become of them, the more fully we can live our lives and be present in relationships.

For example, we may have an inner exhibitionist who comes to life when we sing karaoke, an Incredible Hulk who suddenly erupts when we lose our temper over something trivial, an inner martyr, saboteur or perfectionist.

A common example is the man who is domineering at work but henpecked at…

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To create a world in which we are met with compassion when we are most vulnerable

His vision is to create a world in which we are met with compassion when we are most vulnerable. I stand with him in this vision. This blog was created to help create such a world. That no one be harmed by psychiatry or any other institution ever again. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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