Brief and lovely gentle yoga (good for the challenged nervous system too)

I got up this morning wanting to go to a yoga class which I've recently been able to do on occasion. Still, the condition of my autonomic nervous system has different ideas sometimes. Even yoga can be too much and a full yoga class in the community quite often is. I decided to find something appropriate on youtube instead. I often do my own routines and don't absolutely need a class or a youtube video either, but I like finding new routines and new teachers. It really helps me stretch and grow. It also often helps to slow me down when I might otherwise rush through postures on my own. … [click on title to read the rest]

The psychotherapeutic community needs to tolerate diversity, dissonance, divergence

One of my favorite therapist tweeters did a string of tweets I just had to share yesterday. And that's right "everybody" does not need therapy, in direct contradiction to that party phrase. There are as many healing paths are their are individuals. And every person ideally finds a combination of things that work for them. Because we're profoundly varied as well as holistic beings and everything matters. … [click on title to read the rest]

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