Okay…cool thing to report folks

I just posted this on Facebook and am not ready to write more about this process as I'm learning about it as I go and in development. That said I wanted to pass it on to readers who might be "hypersensitive" from psychiatric drug withdrawal because it's becoming clear to me that as difficult as that condition is, it's also, if allowed to transform and heal, an amazing capacity that our bodies have to understand and know things about our environment and reality in general. So for anyone who might need this information so that they might move forward and trust the wisdom of their body I am sharing this status update of my very much in process learning and healing experience. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The language of life

by PAUL WOODWARD Within the mechanistic worldview that shapes the way most of us view life, each human being and other living organism is seen as a discrete entity — a form that possesses and is animated by its own life. Lives come into existence, go out of existence, and between times interact with each other, while all along retaining autonomy in varying degrees. Human beings, as creatures whose powers have been extended and amplified through technology, supposedly possess the highest degree of autonomy, living lives steered by the exercise of our freewill. Having become so full of ourselves we have mostly lost the sense of life forming a seamless whole. We fail to see that human being is a conceptual construct fabricated through a leap of imagination. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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