Okay…cool thing to report folks

I just posted the below quoted bit on Facebook and am not ready to write more about this process as I’m learning about it as I go and in development. That said I wanted to pass it on to readers who might be “hypersensitive” from psychiatric drug withdrawal because it’s becoming clear to me that as difficult as that condition is, it’s also, if allowed to transform and heal, an amazing capacity that our bodies have to understand and know things about our environment and reality in general.

So for anyone who might need this information so that they might move forward and trust the wisdom of their body I am sharing this status update of my very much in process learning and healing experience.

bodyOkay…cool thing to report folks:

as my body/mind/spirit continues to heal (they’re all critically important and interlinked) I’m finding that medicinal foods/herbs I used to react to radically are becoming critically important to my healing. I’ve gotten into a zone where I follow my intuition completely. I’ve been paying attention to everything that goes in my body for several years now and it seems my body (not my mind) has a iron clad memory AND it knows how to extrapolate information from a bad experience and later use the same thing that gave me a reaction for healing…it knows something about the property of the food regardless of the reaction I had to it initially.

For example nigella sativa (a seed/spice with medicinal properties that among other things helps lower histamine) gave me some really ugly reactions more than once over a year ago…but in this new condition…my body/mind…as it heals lets me know that NOW nigella sativa is gonna be just the thing I need…and IT IS. I listen carefully to dosage directions…start low and add a bit carefully…my body feels it right away…and then I don’t keep taking it…it’s like my body needs it once and then maybe not again for days or weeks or months…whatever…

My body, if listened too, (and I’m still in training) seems to know everything I need as I need it…it’s an awesome conduit of knowledge and healing.

(in any case…our “hypersensitivity” is our strength and healing too…if we pay attention and learn)  — see it on Facebook and leave comments there if you like


My healing protocol detailed…

If you’re curious about what I’m healing here are a couple of posts that offer history. I was bedridden for a couple of years and home bound for several. Things are clearly changing:


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