Alternatives Conference: I will be in Boston presenting

It will be the first time I travel in ten years. The first time I fly. It's a BIG exciting new adventure. This is information about Alternatives should you want to register and go to the conference. August 18-21 (my presentation/facilitation will be on Saturday) The talk and presentation is entitled and described like this: Intuitive eating,... Continue Reading →

Let your pain speak

Let your pain speak. Pain management is often necessary and grounded in kindness and mercy. Pain avoidance on the other hand will go too far. Learn to walk that line. The entire medical system, both for physical and mental health, is largely based on pain avoidance-it's not sustainable. We must feel to deeply heal. Fact... Continue Reading →

From inside out to outside in…that’s what healing is doing

From inside out to outside in...that's what healing is doing. Rewiring for dealing with reality starting from within rather than without. When gut lining and brain barrier is compromised there is only is reflected in the psyche manifesting as poor boundaries... it was the  biofilm acting as mucosa and gut lining that was saving... Continue Reading →

Body and brain are incredibly weird and fringe – astonishingly beautiful and horrifying too

As I heal my brain/body I lose the capacity to dissociate ... it's excruciatingly painful. Both physically and emotionally. ...

People (often) don’t need help. They need love. Acceptance.

People (often) don't need help. They need love. Acceptance. Space to discover who they really are. Practical "help" might come in the way of providing actual needs like food, water, and shelter...but for the interior journey--holding space is far more important. Also, providing support so that expression of that interior journey can be manifested however the person taking that journey needs to do that in the safest way possible. ...

Email to yet another misguided professional

Some of you will remember I have a series of emails I've sent to perpetrating professionals of various sorts. The collection is called Letters to my Shrink but now includes a couple of medical doctors and various sorts of therapists etc. The below letter is to a craniosacral therapist who also has a doctorate in naturopathy that I just recently went to specifically for craniosacral therapy as it's a modality I've had very good experiences with. One of my closest friends that I've been friends with for decades is a craniosacral therapist and she learned on me back when she was studying. From that point on it's always been a modality of deep healing for me...

short and sweet: 6 brutal truths (parts)

Once we’re adults we cannot expect another adult to fix the infantile parts of ourselves that were never appropriately nurtured by our parents. Healing is about becoming conscious of those parts and then learning to reparent those parts for ourselves. No one else will ever know what all the little hurt children within us need.... Continue Reading →

Healing from trauma is an unlayering process

Healing from trauma as well as the waking up process, in general, is often experienced as an unlayering process. Lately I've been revisiting the oldest wounding again. It's been a doozy. It's got correlates in the body (and shows up as chronic illness via the psych drug damage--everything matters and everything is connected!) and so I've not been feeling well either. It's bringing up all the stuff about the system and healers that played into my even earlier wounding.

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