Alternatives Conference: I will be in Boston presenting

It will be the first time I travel in ten years. The first time I fly. It’s a BIG exciting new adventure.

This is information about Alternatives should you want to register and go to the conference. August 18-21 (my presentation/facilitation will be on Saturday)

The talk and presentation is entitled and described like this: Intuitive eating, doing and being for healing mind, body and spirit – How does one start the process of trusting themselves on the healing path? A profoundly self-empowering exploration.  We will consider this together. Questions and answer period will be encouraged. Participation of the audience is expected so that the process might be practiced right here and now in the room. (they might edit and change it, but that’s what I submitted)

The organizers are unable to compensate us in any way and that includes air fare and lodging.

I’m asking that anyone (who can afford to) who also values the work shared on this website and feels that it’s important that it be shared at a conference please help me get there.

Donations can be made at PAYPAL RIGHT HERE.

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