Reality tunnels or what flavor is your delusion?

Just re-listened to the video included in this post and had to reshare it with everyone. I really love this idea — “reality tunnels” as discussed by Robert Anton Wilson. It helps one adopt a larger perspective about all the other humans running about. We are all dealing with reality tunnels based on the context of our incredibly diverse lives and circumstances.

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Today I tweeted:

I didn’t realize that it would end up being a bit of a theme for the day. I think another way of considering this is that when we experience clarity and not just delusion that there are as many windows to reality as there are human beings. Clarity in one human being will be from a different perspective than clarity in another human being. Clarity is our gift to the world. We are all different so that we might find that clear view and be who we are. In clarity we cease to fight over our differences and begin to embrace and deeply appreciate them.

In any case it’s clear that we all have different reality tunnels…and they tell us different things if we’re willing to listen. I transcribed a…

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