I invite you to dance! (music included)

Ecstatic movement has been a critical part of my healing. Ecstatic dance practiced with intent is movement meditation. Below is compilation from my favorite "wave" ever. ...

Tardive dyskinesia and thoughts from the mindful healing process….

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Hello again. I have tardive dyskinesia.

These are snippets from around my several therapeutic environments on social media. By necessity these places have become my trauma therapist via hive mind. There has never been anywhere else to share my process. I frankly freak professionals out and have learned to steer clear. I am grateful.


I’ve spent a little bit of time in a few tardive dyskomesia groups now and oriented myself.

Certainly the hope for natural treatments here allows me to feel more comfortable. I’m no longer able to take pharma (of any kind) even if I wanted to. I developed severe sensitivity to everything along with the TD also associated with Lyme Disease.

My main way of dealing with TD is surrender– I’ve not seen anyone else speak of it at all — It may seem radical at first but for me, for good or bad, it became…

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new post at All Signal – radical alchemy

we are being called to radical alchemy. the marriage of opposites… –new post at All Signal https://monicacassani.com/2021/09/30/radical-alchemy/

Let the light of your madness shine

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auto-immune illness, chronic illness, withdrawal illness (how it’s all linked for me)

A NEW POST ON my new site: might be of interest to anyone with chronic issues.  ALL SIGNAL

All Signal

I learned “auto-immune” meant my system was in over-drive all the time because it was fighting real infections. Western medicine says that auto-immune means the body is hurting itself. For me this was untrue. My body was fighting and waiting for me to start cooperating.

Infections that are locked up in biofilm don’t show up on labs. It does not make them any less real. They become much more dangerous because the medical system denies their existence and tells many people with “unexplained” chronic issues that they are delusional. Shameful.

Biofilm encased infections can vary from completely harmless/contained to raging insanity. Pharma in my instance (and the ensuing withdrawal illness) created outrageous opportunistic infections. Stuff in biofilm is, in general, anti-biotic resistant hence chronicity of all sorts can develop.

I’ve never regretted giving up on getting diagnosed. What I’ve learned as an undiagnosed chronically ill person (auto-immune & “lyme disease”…

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Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021

What are people still reading now that I'm not publishing much anymore? Well, quite a lot really. I'm glad to know this site remains a resource. Below are the top ten posts of the year. There is only one new post and that wasn't written by the main author of this site. The posts that... Continue Reading →

Time…it marches on

More of my latest meanderings: Egalitarian "hetero" relationships don't need to look like God/Goddess (or anima/animus) relationships. They're not distinctively nor necessarily male and female. Both partners may embody both male and female. A man may be more archetypically female . A woman might be more male. Hetero-normative crap is crap. I see women and... Continue Reading →


Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes. - Walt Whitman I needed to share Walt as I write from several different physiologies, thus perhaps appear inconsistent. It is my reality, however -- as my physiology switches so does my reality. *** I may be awake, I... Continue Reading →


Trust your exhaustion. Take a rest. A nap. STOP. It's okay. It's good to listen to the body. *** Both silence and stillness can be found in all movement and noise as well... silence and stillness are foundational...we need not stop doing anything nor do anything in particular to find them. *** I've been spending... Continue Reading →

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