no longer on twitter…the tweets keep coming…

I’ve been weaning off social media for some years. I’ve now been completely off twitter and facebook for a month. Twitter for 2 months actually. Twitter was always my very favorite. I did a video about it some years ago because it was such a positively transformative experience for me. That said, all things change and since Trump came to power twitter, (and facebook) have become ugly divisive spaces of out of control hysteria and hatred (coming from all “sides” … ). I feel better staying away from it all I mean really a whole lot better. My nervous system thanks me for it. I also miss some particular people a whole lot but it seems one must take the bad with the good and the bad now seriously trumps (ha! … that wasn’t on purpose) the good. I have some very good friends from social media scattered about the world and I do really miss that part. I also miss writing on twitter especially. I loved the short 140 character twitter limit. (which is also gone now). Anway…I sometimes come up with stuff that is tweet like…and so I’m sharing a few of those and some somewhat longer stuff too. Enjoy. Or not. That is okay too.


once upon a time tweets were called aphorisms….


practice recognizing the new story…and then let go of that too…


Universalizing our experience is not empathy. We cannot experience true empathy for others without a fine imagination.


“his/her, their vibration isn’t high enough” (thus we will stay away from those human beings.) — a convenient, simple and ultimately dehumanizing way to deny people if you’re in the new age and/or “waking up” crowd. Yes, one more divisive trope.


Conditioning ain’t pretty and people often adopt new, similarly toxic conditioning rather than really letting the old come off. The level of BS that goes on among those who claim to be waking up is a bit like really sleeping very deeply with one’s head up in an awkward position.


sometimes a positive spin is just plain delusional…


Healing and life…it’s never what we expect…expectations actually get in the way… Ideology, of all kinds, too, gets in the way of meeting the moment with honesty…


yoyo swimming. everything real and unreal.


We are a concert of multiple beings…our microbiome (and other equally unseen things) are more in control than most of us want to know…


underneath hatred and aversion is pain. so much pain. let us feel it and cease hating


capitalism: everybody’s gotta be a somebody. social media…the marketing of your soul. everyone is a brand.


it’s always an adventure into the ordinary…what is, is.


the last sentence in every living beings story: and then he/she/they/it died


oddly enough faith can remain when there is no longer belief…


and a little paragraph:

We are all entitled to love. we are not entitled to how it comes to us, however. Being possessive or controlling of others is not a justified way to seek out the love we’re entitled to. The root of possessiveness and control is the sense that we are entitled to love and we know we are not getting it — possessiveness and control is a misguided attempt to get what we sense is possible and inherently ours. It remains violent to impose our lack on others. This is what is happening everywhere. As we come to realize our own desperation and lack of connection we can stop trying to control those around us who are equally unable to get what they need. The love is there. Our bodies need to calm down and allow what is always there already. That is everyone’s task. To learn to calm the nervous system and be at peace. It must become societies main goal that we support everyone in learning to do that. The problem with those in socially sanctioned positions of “healing” is that most of them are still bleeding from the jugular themselves while claiming to help their “clients,” “patients” etc. Human beings, first and foremost are peers. There is no hierarchy in a just society. Let us find love. Let us find one another.


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7 thoughts on “no longer on twitter…the tweets keep coming…

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  1. Ha, thanks for sharing, the personal flavor of experience
    you ultimately, alone, (y) all by yourself, do yourself with ❤

    I can't respectfully pretend to know,
    what its like to be you, walk in your shoes,
    what or how you choose to think, talk, or envisage for yourself,
    the quality of 'trip,' you are the best expert on.

    It is curious for me, simply because i'm not you.
    It is also frustrating, (particularly for me,) feeling drawn to exploring, being of service, an authentic friend, when it seems one is, while openly sharing, holds onto seemingly avoiding more authentic therapeutic intimate social relationship. It would be something useful I'm thinking, if you were able to consider self trusting yourself more, others, in exploring and sharing, and owning more openly, each the quality of operative beliefs each of us is holding, using. Feel free to message me personally


    1. this is how I share…I have lots of dear friends and at this point minimize new contacts because I get spread too thin. I’m very lucky in that way and thank you for your offer of friendship. Boundaries is what I work on now because I cannot connect with everyone who wants to…

      Liked by 2 people


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