The drugging of our children

This is an old video and post. Things have only gotten worse. If we don’t want to create millions more people crippled by drugs we need to stop diagnosing and drugging children’s behavioral problems as serious mental illness. There has been a massive surge of drugging children in the last couple of decades. It’s extremely […]

Jim S. story of recovery

Some of you may be familiar with Jim S, a frequent commenter on this blog in the last several weeks. He has an awesome story of recovery and has generously shared it with us here. Check out his extensive website for more details about his recovery and life. This is a what is becoming a […]

Sally Clay: Recovery Through Mind Training

by Sally Clay I got permission to reprint this piece from Sally. You can find it in a PDF file here. Some of you may have read it already as she left it in a comment yesterday. It further supports the science behind the neuroplasticity of the brain theory. Recovery Through Mind Training Early in […]

Recovery, lasting and real

Part of the reason some people are so skeptical about real and complete recoveries is because a lot of people who achieve it move on. The don’t hang around the mental health blogosphere and most of them don’t go into working in mental health like I probably will. Most of them go off and live […]


Just want to add a warning to this blog. So that it will be at the top of the page. Withdrawing from psych meds is DANGEROUS. Way back when I started my blog I understood this. I linked to a paper by Joanna Moncrieff that makes plain as day the dangers. I said it was […]

The potential power of amino acids

This is an actual clinical trial. I take NAC or N-acetylcysteine. It raises glutathione which is helpful for countless issues during withdrawal and detox from anything environmental toxins and has been shown to help all sorts of emotional distress. One can raise glutathione by eating undenatured whey protein powder as well. There are a number […]