Gluten, dairy etc: Adding food back after elimination diets

I was on elimination diets for a long time and needed to be in order to quiet down the chaos in my body. I now know more than when I started and hope that the general method of learning to listen is helpful to others since I know the details will be different for everyone. Recently I went through a stint of eating lots of gluten and cheese as I add many different foods I avoided for many years back into my diet. I jokingly call it "retoxification." ...

herbalism/dietary tip: learning to listen to the body

Learning about how to listen to the body takes time. Small things we can start paying attention to help. *** It's best when we can taste our medicine which is one fundamentally critical difference from pharma. Herbs and food have taste that prepare the body for what is coming. And as we pay attention over... Continue Reading →

The poop project (yes, for real!)

This is a very important project! Among other things our gut health and the quality of our waste is of utmost important to our physical and mental well-being, but as Shawn Shafner points out the implications of the taboo on speaking about poop goes much farther than that. I've been researching the gut and ultimately how to achieve profoundly healthy poop for many years now. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Info on food allergies — they can affect body and mind both

Most people with food intolerances have no idea they have them. The only reason I learned about my own is because the impetus to become healthy became so great I started doing lots of research about healing naturally. It's not worth becoming as ill as I did before finding out if they effect you at all. If you feel at all crappy in general it's worth finding out if what you're eating may be part of the problem.

Psychotropics bad for bones, cause bone loss

This was scheduled to simply be part of one of my news round-ups, but it's so important and seems to be new information about a particular way these drugs wreak havoc on our bodies. I was on every one of these classes of drugs for many years and I know that I have, indeed suffered... Continue Reading →

Interview on Madness Radio

Will Hall interviewed me for Madness Radio in early December 2008. It's available right here: The interview deals with my experience being a psychiatric survivor and takes a look at the work I've been doing with this blog. Since December a few things have happened. I am indeed, now, completely housebound. I can no longer... Continue Reading →

The wind never lies — Steve Morgan’s recovery story

Steven Morgan has now contributed to this website a number of times. His writing is all inspired and I'm always grateful when he allows me to publish a piece of his. This piece I solicited recently. It is my favorite piece of work he's granted me the right to publish. It's something he's worked on... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on nutrition

*note: my diet has evolved greatly since the writing of this post, as I've learned more about healing my iatrogenically damaged body. I no longer currently eat either grains or dairy. The journey to understand the dietary needs of my body continues to evolve. The body's needs, too, change over time and as it heals.... Continue Reading →

Will Hall’s recovery story

By Will Hall Since I was a child I've struggled with extreme emotions, voices, and powerful out of body experiences. I remember falling to the ground once in third grade, writhing in agony because I believed something was grabbing my back. I saw cartoons projected on the ceiling, and my fear was sometimes so strong... Continue Reading →

The drugging of our children

This is an old video and post. Things have only gotten worse. If we don't want to create millions more people crippled by drugs we need to stop diagnosing and drugging children's behavioral problems as serious mental illness. There has been a massive surge of drugging children in the last couple of decades. It's extremely... Continue Reading →

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