The potential power of amino acids

564glutathioneThis is an actual clinical trial. I take NAC or N-acetylcysteine. It raises glutathione which is helpful for countless issues during withdrawal and detox from anything environmental toxins and has been shown to help all sorts of emotional distress. One can raise glutathione by eating undenatured whey protein powder as well. There are a number of other ways to raise glutathione. I get a glutathione in my nutrient IVs now too.

From MedPage Today:

PRINCETON, N.J., July 6 — An amino acid available in health-food stores reduced repetitive hair-pulling in patients with trichotillomania, a compulsive disorder that results in noticeable hair loss, a new study found.

Patients who received the amino acid N-acetylcysteine saw significant reductions in hair-pulling symptoms as measured by the Massachusetts General Hospital Hair Pulling Scale and the Psychiatric Institute Trichotillomania Scale (P=0.001).

Overall, 56% percent of patients were “much or very much improved,” compared to only 16% taking placebo (P=0.003), according to the study, published in the July 6 Archives of General Psychiatry.

“This study, the first to our knowledge that examines the efficacy of a glutamatergic agent in the treatment of trichotillomania, found that N-acetylcysteine demonstrated statistically significant reductions in trichotillomania symptoms,” wrote Jon E. Grant, JD, MD, MPH, of the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, and colleagues. (read the rest)

Glutathione is routinely spoken about as the “master antioxidant” by anyone who knows anything about withdrawal and/or detox from environmental toxins in alternative circles. I recommend this be something you further research if you are withdrawing. Also as stated above it’s been found to help with all sorts of emotional issues including depression whether or not psychiatric drugs were ever involved. It’s just nice to get a clinical trial to point at now since most people don’t want to hear anecdotes even when there are hundreds of them.

***Important note: In my research I’ve found that taking pure glutathione does not work as it’s not absorbable by the body. One must take a precursor of the amino acid like NAC or whey protein powder.

For more info on amino acids look here.

6 thoughts on “The potential power of amino acids

  1. I had hoped to participate in an NAC trial last year, but because of other commitments and travel it became clear it was no longer an option. Fortunately the doctor who I met originally, and with whom I had gone through the initial interview, was kind enough to recommend a dosage etc.. as they had already found half way through the trial that many of the people receiving the NAC rather than the placebo were experiencing improvements! I started adding it to my supplement regimen the beginning of this year, and I am sure that it has contributed to the gradual improvement that I am feeling, and others are noticing!!
    The doctor who is supervising my supplements was more than happy that I continue with the NAC at my present dosage.
    It is so frustrating the research, and the work required to discover the information one needs to make informed choices about one’s health. Gianna what you are doing is so important and vital for this virtual community!


  2. I just started taking NAC last month when I learned it’s beneficial for MS. I’ve been doing well with the MS but even better now that I discovered NAC. I didn’t know about the other benefits, though. Thanks for the info!


  3. I’m sorry to hear that your mind is not clear and that you’re dealing with physical pain as well. That’s tough. My brain feels like I drank a bottle of cough syrup. So does my stomach. I do hope endurance builds character.


  4. I went to see my psychpharmacologist today who, when I asked about alternative medicine, handed me a copy of The Sceptical Inquirer that was devoted to debunking the merits of nutritional supplements.I wish I had read this article before I saw him! I also grumbled about side effects from medications, saying “All psychiatrists should be required to take meds for a limited period of time, so that they will know what their patients are talking about.” His reply? You don’t expect surgeons to get operations, do you?” The comparison was so ludicrous, I didn’t comment. I do hope you feel better soon. At least your mind is clear….? I think that’s what I miss the most. But pain sucks, so maybe I’m being simplistic.


    1. My mind is not clear. I feel like I’m on heroin most of the time lately. It’s awful.
      There is no lexicon for all the bizarre sensations I feel so really there is no way to articulate my experience.

      yeah, hard core medical model docs like to recommend quackwatch too where the real quacks are the people running the site. whatever.


  5. Hmmmm…. I knew the key role glutathione played but didn’t know about the absorbability factor or lack thereof when taking it. I also didn’t know about the whey protein powder. Wondering where you can actually get undenatured whey protein powder? Thanks for this info. As always, you are amazing with the info you provide all of us. I hope you are feeling even a slight bit better and the pain and s/x are easing a bit. You so deserve it!



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