my friend “bipolarlife” reports on his 2 months drug-free life

This is the first paragraph of what is a moving account of his recent experiences. bplife has been on this journey with me for a long time now. He is one of my inspirations.

This is the first paragraph of his post today:

My mental state has vastly improved since getting off the last of the psych meds two (?) months ago? I am still having difficulties with time (it all runs together) and memory but overall am much much better. Events that would have thrown me into a deep week or month long depression now only upset me for a couple of hours at most. Then the anger/frustration/unhappiness dissipates like so much mist and I am able to move on. I feel, dare I say it, healthy. No more fog in the head, no more constant and debilitating exhaustion. I must say it’s a wonderful amazing experience and I am grateful to have it again. (read rest here)

Clear head and no more exhaustion…I’m ready for that!!

2 thoughts on “my friend “bipolarlife” reports on his 2 months drug-free life

  1. Yayyyy. I still have some memory issues after 5.5 years, and am just now getting my stress levels low enough to not exhaust myself (just because it took me so long doesn’t mean it will for you), but I know how you feel. I took myself off drugs far too quickly, and even though I knew my behavior was affected by the remaining drug toxicity, I could feel the fog gone and the clarity coming… So I stayed home for 5 months and waited for my behavior to clear up… Some of my friends were telling me I was making a mistake, but I knew how it felt to be free. Heck, one friend STILL thinks it was a mistake, he’s happy on his risperadone and his shaking hands.

    Keep going! I’ll be cheering for ya.,


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