Is anyone not insane?

Among the multitude of dualities we struggle with, the most persistent is perhaps the struggle to impose order on disorder — control on the uncontrollable…

Beyond belief

I shared this little blurb of an idea I had with some friends: Different belief systems come from different experience and the human experience is endlessly diverse. It’s nothing short of arrogant to think that our little personal idiosyncratic experience has led us to the ultimate truth. I question my beliefs everyday, knowing that belief […]

Comments delayed today and 10,000 comment mark has been hit

I will be unavailable to unmoderate comments for several hours today. Be assured your comments will be released by early evening. And guess what? I just noticed in the last couple of days sometime I went over 10,000 comments on this blog. I love that you all support and keep this blog a living entity […]

Possible slow down?

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting. I’ve been doing strange things in my new and even more chronic state of exhaustion (not sure how more exhaustion IS possible, but it is), like going to bed at 9:30 and sleeping for 10 plus hours. My body is really messed up. I’m on virtually no […]

My muscle weirdness is back

I’m having a hard time typing again. It went away yesterday. I find this incredibly frustrating as my creative and productive expression relies on my being able to type. Both my hands feel like they are losing all coordination. So I’ll respond to comments as I’m able. Frankly I’m stubborn as hell so I just […]