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I was pleasantly surprised and mildly shocked today when Dr. Charles Parker’s Blog, CorePsychBlog led me to the list “101 Fascinating Brain Blogs.

I’ve gotten used to not being taken particularly seriously outside of the strictly mental health “consumer” blogosphere, so this was nice. Most people aren’t aware of my professional background as I generally speak from the patient point of view. Thanks Alisa.

Included on the list are some of my daily reads which include Charles Parker’s blog along with Furious Seasons, The Carlat Psychiatry Blog, The Last Psychiatrist, and Mind Hacks. There are many others I’m familiar with.

I’m looking forward to checking out some of the unfamiliar others on the list.

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  1. Grianna,
    Yes, indeed we are on the same path, and have seen reports on numbers of improvements with yoga classes in grade school. Can’t remember where that review bubbled up at this moment, but if yoga works, why not make that part of the curriculum – think of the influence for the entire day for children!

    I tend to write about the meds because there are so many problems with them – just in their application, how they are used with dosing strategies…. and if the simplicity of dosing is problematic just think of the multiple issues of complex diagnosis, family life, exercise, nutrition. Much to do-

    The problems with ADD are but a metaphor, tho a very big metaphor for the entire diagnostic and treatment conundrum over in psych. The hardest cases, just as with autism, are indeed the most instructive in these matters.

    I love to see someone come in to my office who has failed treatment for years! Yes, I regularly have considerable satisfaction from the fast turn around, a home run first time at bat [first visit] – but those other really complex, ‘hopeless cases,’ have given me hope for the complexity of challenges that walk into offices everyday across the US.

    And then I begin to wonder about those other countries where the entire group is uninformed, and they aren’t reading these blogs… ah well.

    Appreciate the partnership, have a great Holiday,

    Thanks again,

  2. Hello Gianna,

    Good to see this, thank you for such a valuable post.

    I’m an on again/off again lurker here and used to have a fairly active blog…for various reasons (and changes in my life) I have relinquished my former nick and deleted my old blog, but I wanted to tell you that I have quit all of my meds entirely about a month ago and am feeling much better now. People like you helped to provide the inspiration to do so.

    Take care!


  3. Hey there again Chuck,
    just wanted to say I’ve just visited your site where you make clear you don’t think it’s all biology…

    you say:
    My point, as you know from these posts is that all of this psych diagnosis is more than simply brain by itself, but brain and body and environment – and the complexity is so unbelievable it is often discounted.

    I pretty much assumed you agreed with me, but I always have to say my bit when our holistic natures seem to go overlooked…

    but I also know it’s impossible to include in everything we say everything about all the different possible etiologies for “mental illness.”

  4. hi Charles,
    pleased to see you here.

    thank you for sharing a story of hope. it’s nice to see docs truly looking for the real and complete picture.

    I want to say too, I don’t think it’s only looking at a full persons biologic reality but just importantly their psycho/social/spiritual reality as well.

    As far as wordpress goes, it’s got a slightly more intense learning curve than blogger which is what I started out on, but it’s not rocket science…believe me I’m pretty technologically inept myself…

    Since you have your own domain, I’m not sure what you’re using…but I can say if you figure out how to use your own domain you know how to do some stuff I haven’t figure out yet…

    I’ve bought the domain, but haven’t gotten around to figure out how the heck to make the switch…

  5. Gianna,
    Thanks for the mention over here, and your excellent copy! Glad you made it to the 101, and very pleased you connected with my at CorePsychBlog. Your WP theme is beautiful, peaceful, and does bring a foundation of clarity to your words… impressive, and thanks. I will be soon changing to WP, but have worried in the past it was too much HTML for my skill level.

    You and your readers would love to hear about a nurse/patient I spoke with last night who is now off an antidepressant, off Lamicatal, off Desyrel, and now only on Vyvanse as we have been slowly but surely working through here multiple immunity issues with brain – she was discovered to suffer from functional hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, multiple issues with malnutrition due to the immune issues for years.

    I never thought she was bipolar, – a diagnosis thrown around quite quickly by those not looking at the entire biologic person – and, while she is on minimal meds, I do see the strong possibility that we will be able to ultimately clear the decks. Her energy is coming around, she is laughing more than ever, and all this in spite of moving out of state and her separation from her husband surrounding the move.

    It is, as you point out, a much bigger picture if we move away from oversimplification with labels that don’t drive us to functional conclusions, but leave us adrift in a sea of descriptions.

    Happy Holidays,

  6. thanks to both of you…frankly I really hope to be the hell out of here before I “top all the charts.” that or I stop being burnt out…

    I appreciate the support of course and it does help the journey tremendously…

  7. You are ahead of your time with a blog about withdrawals, and soon you’ll be topping all of the “charts”.

    Congrats, and thanks for sharing your pain and suffering for others to learn from.

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