Is anyone not insane?

In response to this question from the last two posts “Is anyone not insane?” Paul Woodward, my partner, responded with the below:

Among the multitude of dualities we struggle with, the most persistent is perhaps the struggle to impose order on disorder — control on the uncontrollable.

I was thinking about this a couple of days ago and applying one of the cultural lens I use so often, along with biology.

Homeostasis seems to be one of the most fundamental processes in biology and from a Western perspective, homeostasis looks like order.

What it really is, however, is the balancing of opposites and this isn’t a concept that’s really embraced in the West.

We look at these as a struggle between competing forces in which one will ultimately defeat the other. So there’s a perpetual struggle for domination — good against evil, sanity against insanity, order against chaos, etc.

In Western thought, there’s no counterpart to yin-yang. But that’s surely the only way of coming to any kind of resolution: to embrace everything and exclude nothing.

ah, a man after my own heart. 🥰 I often call my healing process one of the marriage of opposites. Of course, I explain my process in many ways. The bringing together of opposites is pretty fundamental, however. Embracing spectrums and bringing together opposites. They collapse at some point into simply the whole.

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