AstraZeneca to Pay $198 Million for Seroquel Lawsuits

This is all over the news and I’m feeling pretty burnt out on all of this so I’ve not been paying much attention. But it is a big deal so here you have it. Seroquel, like all the atypicals can cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I too gained about 100 lbs with Risperdal (an atypical […]

Add increased risk of breast cancer to the possible “adverse effects” of psych meds

Metabolic syndromes are now being associated with doubling the risk of breast cancer. Neuroleptics (the atypicals) often cause metabolic syndromes. SSRIs have more recently been implicated as well. TUESDAY, June 30 (HealthDay News) — Women with high blood pressure, elevated glucose and other components of metabolic syndrome might be at increased risk for postmenopausal breast […]

AstraZeneca Planned Off-Label Drug Sales in 2000

Actively promoting off-label use is illegal and AstraZeneca has been caught. This has been all over the place in my news feeds, on numerous blogs and several of my email lists and the case goes back a while too, so I don’t even remember where I saw it first so no one is getting a […]

Doctors Worry About Kids’ Use of Antipsychotic Drugs

From the Washington Post a couple of days ago: Doctor’s “worry”—ha! better late than never I guess…then again there is no sign they are looking for any alternatives besides OTHER drugs which will undoubtedly do some other horrendous thing. We need to get to the root of things. Not mask and cover symptoms which is […]

Here he is: the doctor who DID take the antipsychotic!!

You know how we always say the docs should take the drugs if they’re going to hand them out. Here you go. Meet a doc who did and he’s not singing quite the same tune as your average psychiatrist. From The New Zealand Herald: In 1993 Richard Bentall went a bit mad. He voluntarily took […]