From the department of, “no shit, Sherlock?”

Oh how I wish the powers that be would see that all these drugs are HAZARDOUS with any sort of long term use whatsoever. Any dose, any cocktail—all bad! UGH!!

From Medscape Today

Polypharmacy With Antipsychotics Not Beneficial, Potentially Hazardous

Persistent polypharmacy and excessive dosing with antipsychotics is common among mentally ill outpatients, even though it is not endorsed by treatment guidelines, according to a new study.

“The take-away message is that there is no reliable evidence in the literature that antipsychotic polypharmacy is more effective than monotherapy, and, given the cost and the increased risk of side effects, it’s something clinicians should think about carefully,” lead author Alasdair M. Barr, PhD, from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, said at a poster presentation at the 2009 International Congress on Schizophrenia Research. (read rest here)

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  1. With All the information Already out there on the destructive nature of these drugs; If Doctors insist on Remaining that Willfully ignorant, they have No business Remaining Doctors.

    And it’s not just polypharmacy, or even long term. These drugs have killed people in a matter of days upon initial titration of only One of them.

    Calling them asshats is being overly charitable. Follow The Money.

    1. mmm…I’m trying to tone it down DB…some people don’t like my swearing! and frankly I don’t like calling people bad names…I generally save my swearing for messed up systems and concepts and thinking patterns…people, well, we’re all fucked up one way or another…

  2. I wish those doctors that put me on antipsychotics when I was a teenager for off label use could see this. ‘Doctors’ prescribe more antipsychotics to teenagers and adolescents for off label use than adults. Doctors have no clue about what the antipsychotics actually do but give it out to five year olds every day.

  3. It is still good they state it, as they are stupid and need the obvious told to them. They might even figure out withdrawal/ rebound effects from stopping meds creates the illusion of mental illness returning.

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