Add increased risk of breast cancer to the possible “adverse effects” of psych meds

breast-cancerMetabolic syndromes are now being associated with doubling the risk of breast cancer. Neuroleptics (the atypicals) often cause metabolic syndromes. SSRIs have more recently been implicated as well.

TUESDAY, June 30 (HealthDay News) — Women with high blood pressure, elevated glucose and other components of metabolic syndrome might be at increased risk for postmenopausal breast cancer, a new study suggests.

Metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance syndrome, consists of a cluster of such conditions as abdominal obesity, high blood glucose levels, impaired glucose tolerance, abnormal lipid levels and hypertension.

The study included 4,888 women, ages 50 to 79, who did not have diabetes at the start of the study and were periodically tested for components of metabolic syndrome over eight years as part of their participation in the Women’s Health Initiative study. During that time, 165 of them received breast cancer diagnoses. (read the rest here)

Sometimes I think the bad news will never stop surfacing on these meds.

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  1. Obesity may be one part of the increased risk of breast cancer caused by some psychiatric drugs. However, another component of the risk caused by neuroleptics is related to increased levels of prolactin in the blood. This has also been co-related to the gynecomastia(abnormal breast development)seen in some boys and men who take these drugs. People of both genders often secrete breast milk on these drugs. This is also related to the abnormally increased prolactin production.

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