The potential power of amino acids

This is an actual clinical trial. I take NAC or N-acetylcysteine. It raises glutathione which is helpful for countless issues during withdrawal and detox from anything environmental toxins and has been shown to help all sorts of emotional distress. One can raise glutathione by eating undenatured whey protein powder as well. There are a number... Continue Reading →

L-Theanine comes into focus at the LA Times

I take L-Theanine along with a handful of other amino acids---it is also an amino acid. Besides helping my poor cognitively impaired brain focus a bit, it also relaxes me. I take my final dose at bedtime. A lot of this article I'm quoting from is crap. I'm excerpting a bit about some studies because... Continue Reading →

Amino acids and mental health

**Disclaimer and update: this is only an example of a protocol. Individual needs vary greatly. I in fact stopped tolerating all of these supplements as I got deeper into withdrawal.  This was not a stagnant protocol. Now off meds there is an ongoing process of fine-tuning my responses to my body's needs. (I pretty much... Continue Reading →

Three out of four days ain’t bad

Yes...I had three good days. Energetic and healthy days where I did normal things and didn't feel nauseas or dizzy or unable to walk. In fact two of those days I went on half hour walks. Last night I only slept 5 and a 1/2 hours. I'm assuming that means today will be another bad... Continue Reading →

Still waiting to stabilize

Traveling any distance either within a time zone or out of one has become extremely difficult for me since about 6 months into my withdrawals and increasingly so. I don't really know why, but I stop sleeping and get all out of sorts. I've pretty much been out of commission and hence my presence on... Continue Reading →

Yuck, this is reminiscent of my days on med trials

As I mentioned a week ago today I started treating various imbalances that were detected with blood work, that my nutritional/orthomolecular psychiatrist recommended. One of the treatments, she cautioned, I might not tolerate, as it sometime can aggravate one sensitive to mania. While I am by no means manic, I've now had several terribly uncomfortable... Continue Reading →

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