KALI – the goddess and archetype who’s been my muse and familiar (parts)

some tweets from my twitter timeline I'm going to share here now too. I've strung them together: In our culture with the level and degree of societal conditioning the only way to heal and be free is to first be totally destroyed. Once we've been wiped out completely (all that conditioning wiped away clean) we... Continue Reading →

I am woman. Deal with it.

editor's note: She awaits to emerge within us all. By Talya Eidelman For all women. I am woman. Don’t tell me who I am. I have known ever since the world was created. Don’t tell me what to feel or how to behave. I am woman. Don’t try and teach me about the old ways that should have been dead a long time ago. I am woman. Do you know anything about my body? It houses the world and it is the wisest thing on this planet. ...

The wounded healer: visiting the archetype

This is the archetype that continues to makes the most sense for me during this part of my life process. It helps give meaning to this otherwise often gargantuan task of healing from the iatrogenic injury incurred from the psychiatric drugs. Many of us who have been harmed in this way are doing this together. ...

Goddess Kali, an archetype that has been with me a long time

I’ve been drawn to the Goddess Kali archetype for many years. Kali is an archetype of transformation and renewal, following necessary cleansing destruction. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Beware the Vampyre! For he is an archetypal representation of abuse

As most literary figures and themes, vampires are a symbol; I’d go so far as to say that they are an archetype (IE, an ancient and nearly universal symbol recognized by many human cultures across time). The vampire represents the victim of abuse who, having lost his soul, is transformed into an “undead” creature victimizing and therefore condemning other humans to the same fate.

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