I am woman. Deal with it.

editor’s note: She awaits to emerge within us all. 

By Talya Eidelman

For all women.

I am woman. Don’t tell me who I am. I have known ever since the world was created. Don’t tell me what to feel or how to behave.

I am woman. Don’t try and teach me about the old ways that should have been dead a long time ago.

I am woman. Do you know anything about my body? It houses the world and it is the wisest thing on this planet.

I am woman. Don’t try and tell me that suffering is weak when the reason that you exist is because I suffered giving birth to you.

You are here because of my ability to suffer.

I am woman. Somedays I cannot eat or sleep as the power, wisdom and truth of the new world pours into me as my vision and mission becomes crystal clear. Then again this is a world where most people hardly eat and don’t even have beds on which to sleep.

I am woman.That means I can no longer be silent. It means my voice has arrived and like a raging fire and a thunder it will be heard across galaxies.

I am woman and I am tired and angry. Don’t go and confuse anger with weakness or malice or a lack of inner peace. My anger is rage and my rage has turned into power. I have lived lifetimes voiceless, suppressed and yet I was the one who always knew the truth. That may take a while to get over.

I am woman. I have lived many lives and each time the secrets of the world had to die with me. But not this life… This life I will apologise for nothing. This life I am here to be seen, heard and live out loud.

I am woman. Don’t tell me what to do. I have heard too many opinions from indoctrinated and suppressed voices. ‘You can’t change the world’ or ‘don’t take on others suffering, it doesn’t belong to you’. WHAT OTHER? ‘The other’ lives in me. Everyone belongs to me and every cell in me is every human out there.

Do you know who I am? I mean do you have any idea?

I am woman. Don’t teach me about God. Don’t preach to me about a God that exists outside of me. A God who punishes or expects anything. Don’t teach me about a God who loves conditionally and wants us to be good and obedient. Don’t teach me about your patriarchal God that has left the world in a state of desperate anxiety and confusion.

I am woman. That means I am a mystic. I am the dark force of the feminine. I am the manifestation of my womb. I am the crone, the wolf and the lioness. I am The Goddess.

I am woman. I know exactly how powerful I am and what I am here to do. Don’t come with your limitations and false beliefs, unless you have brought them forth to die in my fire. Don‘t teach me about humility out of fear that I may become too powerful and not domesticated enough.

I am woman. I am wherever the water is stagnant and where a change needs to be made. You will find me where there is pain and anguish and you will watch me cry and scream for the people.

I am woman. I am not looking to create comfort or peace. I look to destroy the old world and shake things up to the point where human beings come alive and this is a world of awakened, passionate, loving and powerful people. That is what creates peace on earth!

I am woman. I am so sexually powerful that you have become afraid of me and so you call me a whore and a tease and arrogant. I laugh at your labels and yet my heart aches for you.

Don’t you see that my power is the very thing that births yours? You have not really awakened unless you have awakened through a woman.

I am woman and the world has been waiting for me. Waiting in desperation for me to break my chains so that I may come and free you from yours.

I am woman. I answer to no one and nothing other than my instincts and to whatever feels natural. I do not fit into a mould and I live life my way. I break the rules of conformity and I do nothing in an ordinary or orderly fashion.

I am woman. Destruction is my way.

I am woman. My freedom is not dependent on your opinions of me or your limited understanding of who I am. I do not wait for permission to be myself or use my voice. I do not think before I speak as my wisdom rushes out of me like a tsunami of water dying to feed the dessert that is the world.

Don’t tell me I can’t do it. Because I will. Because I am.

I am woman. I am Power, Sexuality, Darkness, Depth, Heart, Warrior and Animal.

I am the New Voice.

I am The Revolution.

I am God.


talyaMy name is Talya Eidelman. I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I am a writer, speaker and I also provide one on one sessions. I teach about a new way of being and I call that new way The Feminine way. My work is about going deep into ourselves to find the truth, understanding pain in a new way and the real meaning and experience of being human. I am a human activist, a shadow worker and my connection to God(dess) is why I can do what I do. Website: Feminine Enlightenment

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