KALI – the goddess and archetype who’s been my muse and familiar (parts)

some tweets from my twitter timeline I’m going to share here now too. I’ve strung them together:

In our culture with the level and degree of societal conditioning the only way to heal and be free is to first be totally destroyed. Once we’ve been wiped out completely (all that conditioning wiped away clean) we discover we are an animal whose nature is in synch with all. Can you say KALI?? … we live in a time when KALI is needed everywhere, everyday and always…

Kali came to me when I was a young woman…first she had me name my cat after her. Then she had me use her name as pen name….

I didn’t understand her power then, but she was working with me. I called myself Kali for many years. Gianna Kali was the author of Beyond Meds…until I took back my given name. Still, Kali, truly was my name. I adopted her for real. She remains a part of me.

And yes, Kali utterly and completely destroyed me. And now she raises me up from the ashes…alive like never before. These days I no longer fight this majestic goddess…Kali gently takes my hand and I follow her in love…knowing she guides me to true life.

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2 thoughts on “KALI – the goddess and archetype who’s been my muse and familiar (parts)

  1. Yesssss Kali is amazing! She is one of several of my Divine Mothers. I love Her so much. I admired Her for years before approaching Her. She’s wonderful. T.T


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